Introducing Balsa – Contemporary Rattan for Luxury Homes

The Cacha team is excited to introduce Balsa, an emerging design studio based in Mexico City. Balsa works in collaboration with artisans and designers to develop unique, sustainably-made furniture and objects that will accompany you through the years.

Balsa considers itself an environment-aware company, specializing in objects made with natural rattan, which is one of the most sustainable materials in furniture production. Rattan is a wild plant fiber, known for being flexible and full (it has a solid core as opposed to bamboo’s hollow core). At Cacha, we love rattan because it is renewable, recyclable, has a low-impact production, and helps prevent the deforestation of tropical forests.

In their exclusive debut collection Balsa takes a bet on the value of hand-made, delivering a line of new classics that represent the knowledge and skills of long- admired Mexican artisans. Each piece comes to life over the course of many days, sometimes even weeks, as master craftsmen who are experts in weaving natural fibers use traditional techniques to bring innovative, contemporary designs to reality.

Balsa takes a bet on the value of hand-made.

This collection, called Bajío, centers on the theme of home as a shelter and source of memories. The principal designer, Christian Vivanco, wanted to create a family of pieces that expressed local, traditional, honest and familial values.  The design process was done hand in hand with the artisans who would ultimately be making these pieces.

As you shop Bajío, you will find concepts such as “lightness,” “simplicity,” “transparency,” “tradition” and “structure” as the foundation of the entire collection. Integral to all of these concepts is of course the mastery of the rattan molding technique, which is barely explored, and arguably nearly extinct, in Mexico today.

Join us in congratulating Balsa on a stunning inaugural collection, we can’t wait to see what they come out with next! 

Shop some of our favorite pieces from the Bajío collection here:

Join us in betting on the value of handmade.

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