Every design tells a story.
Makers bring those stories to life.
At Cacha, we help you share your story.

At Cacha, our vision is to transform the world of high-end furniture and decor towards sustainability, allowing our clients to have a positive impact on the world by purchasing eco-friendly, luxury pieces from around the world. Our goal is to highlight the social commitment of our partner brands to their local communities, the environment, and the design world while providing our clients personalized consultations, first class customer service, and cutting-edge pieces from emerging furniture designers. Our virtual showroom model is designed to offer you a curated experience, with access to products, makers, and stories that will breathe new life into your spaces.

Cacha is dedicated to transforming your home, office or event space with high-end pieces that showcase your own story, passions, and dreams. We are inspired by an eclectic mix of styles, including contemporary, minimalist, and industrial, seeking out products that are made in an environmentally-friendly fashion with high-quality materials that will become a talking piece for years to come.

We hope you enjoy getting to know the people and stories behind our pieces. We look forward to working with you to create spaces that help rewrite stories, your story.

Abbey King, Co-Founder

This is Abbey, well actually, her name is Abigail but she never uses it. She is from Denver, Colorado, a history teacher, and a lover of travel, enjoying time (and wine) with friends, and of course, a lover of all things design.

She has worked in e-commerce and luxury furniture sales for many years, it’s safe to say that she is simply best at what she does!

abby 04

Gaston Cavigliasso, Co-Founder

This is Gaston, and he is our in-house pop culture guru, mixologist, stylist, and travel agent. He speaks Spanish, English, Russian and Italian and keeps our team motivated no matter where we are in the world.

Gaston is from Cordoba, Argentina. He studied Business Management and has years of experience in logistics, imports and exports, and peanuts (this is the family business), in Argentina. Basically, he’s a genius and we love him to pieces.

Gasti 02

How did Cacha come to be?

On a late summer night in the hills of Cordoba, Argentina, the seeds that would grow into Cacha were sown. We were looking out over the lake behind Gaston’s house and, inspired by our shared passion for design and travel, we started imagining a project that would unite these passions with our vision for a more sustainable future. We had spent most of the summer there, appreciating the natural beauty of the lake and surrounding forests, but we couldn’t fully enjoy it. As climate change and rampant consumerism continue to ravage our planet, a lingering worry about future of places like this became more and more pressing as the summer stretched on. Cacha is our answer, our first step towards making the world a better place.

The Cacha Manifesto


Zero Waste

Social Impact

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