Top Interior Design Trends 2021

As we live our way into this new year, taking stock of what the last year has shaken up for us, personally, professionally, and as a global community, we are beginning to put change into motion, seeking to create a better version of ourselves, our environments and our communities. Over at Cacha, we have been sifting the rubble of this past year and unearthing the emerging interior design trends that will define not only how we decorate our homes and offices in 2021, but hopefully transform the way we work, rest, gather, and inhabit our spaces for many years to come. Without further adieu, here are the 5 trends we are most excited about for a healthier, more sustainable 2021.

1. Circular Design

Calling all innovators! Circular design pushes us to create products that have no beginning, middle, or end. The traditional linear life cycle of an object is made circular. This favors products that can be reused, repurposed, remade, and reimagined time and time again. The ultimate goal of circular design is to reduce waste, add value to the ecosystem, and expand the limits of our creativity for a healthier planet and true innovation in our spaces. 

In 2021 we can expect more designers to incorporate aspects of circular design into their designs and production techniques. This could mean using recycled, vintage or scrap fabrics or designing pieces that can be taken apart and turned into other things later on. We also hope to see the rise of recycling programs, where furniture companies will buy back their pieces from you once you no longer need them. They can then reuse and repurpose the materials to make new pieces for new clients.

2. Natural Materials: Textiles, Wicker & Rattan

Incorporating natural materials accomplishes three important things: adding warmth and lightness to our spaces, connecting us to nature (more on this later!) and favoring more sustainable raw materials and production processes. Some of the most popular natural materials we can expect to see more of  this year are rattan and wicker. Rattan furniture is made from woven palm stems, and wicker pieces are typically made of woven willow twigs. Both styles work indoors and outdoors and bring a great sense of lightness to any space.

As for textiles, we are predicting a renewed interest in repurposing existing materials, making textiles that last, looking to nature and incorporating production waste into materials. Some great candidates for this are organic cotton, scrap leather, low-impact linen, and recycled polyester.

3. Renewed Interest in Artisan Work

There is a growing demand for luxury items made by small-scale artisans. Consumers across the board are indicating more interest in quality than name recognition, favoring local craftsmen over big-name brands. Additionally, according to a study conducted by 1stDibs, 61% percent of interior designers stated that in 2021 they plan to purchase more items from artisan makers. 

For us here at Cacha, this trend is core to our mission! The care, tradition and wisdom that our artisan partners weave into their work is apparent in every detail. They create stunning, one-of-a-kind pieces that are built to last generations and fill your home with more than just objects, they bring meaning, stories, and human connection.

4. Multipurpose Pieces & Spaces

The pandemic turned our lives upside-down and inside out, revealing a huge need for flexible, innovative interior design. Many of us now find ourselves working, exercising, eating and relaxing in the same few rooms all day every day. We have high hopes that the situation will improve in 2021, but there is  a good chance that a lot of us will continue working remotely for several more months. Some of us will even transition to permanent full-time remote work. 

For that reason, home offices and flexible workspaces were trending high in 2020. 66% of designers reporting that they expect home offices to be their dominant projects this year. Even if a renovation isn’t in your plans for this year, our changing needs have us favoring multi-use pieces that can help us make the most of our spaces and create separation between work life and home life. We are excited to see the creative and sustainable solutions that come out of this!

5. Biophilic Design for Health & Wellness

More than anything, we all need our homes to be safe places of nourishment, rejuvenation and health. This means clean air and atmospheres that are peaceful and soothing. While air purifiers and HEPA filters are part of our new reality, they can work in tandem with potted plants, trees, and vertical gardens to purify and refresh the air we are breathing in. This is especially important when getting outside for fresh air isn’t readily accessible. 

The beauty of nature also inspires us and helps us rest and reset. We can achieve this with touches of nature placed throughout our homes and offices, reminding us of the wider world outside our walls and invoking a sense of calm. Not surprisingly, per Houzz, wood is the top predicted material for 2021, followed closely by nature-inspired murals, botanical wallpapers and prints, organic and floral patterns. In times like these, when we are not able to connect with nature, we can use natural motifs to mimic the positive effects of being in nature.

Let us know in the comments which trends you are most looking forward to incorporating in your spaces this year. 

Cheers to a happy, healthy, beautifully designed 2021!

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