Senilia Linear Pendant Light 64

Crafted by hand, Senilia Pendant Lamp provides a soft, warm light from its two bulbs sticking out from both ends of an elegant body. Senilia Pendant Light is more than a light, it is a sculpture.  With its bendy and versatile shape, it adds an elegant and sophisticated touch to any space.

Senilia is fully biodegradable and compostable, made from 100% natural materials: spent grain, a byproduct of the beer industry, and coffee silverskin, a byproduct of the coffee industry. The primary material is compression molded under high pressure to give it stability and rigidness. A carnauba wax coating is added to protect the surface from moisture. The lampshade and electrical components are then assembled and added by hand.

Available in two natural colors: Tawny (made from spent grain) and Mocha (made from coffee silverskin).

Dimensions:  39.37″ (100 cm) length x 5.11″ (13 cm)  width x 5.11″ (13 cm) height

Weight: 1.65 lbs (750 grams).

Lamp Type:  6W LED x2 (included)

Color Temperature:  2700K

Electrical Connection: Cable- 2m black fabric cord, Hardwire- ceiling mount canopy included

Classification: IP20, CE

Lead Time: 2 weeks, ships from Italy.



Senilia is a collection of one of a kind lamps made from leftovers from the agri-food industry: spent grain from beer production and coffee silverskin from coffee roasting. Silverskin is the peel that covers and protects the outer layer of the coffee bean. It falls off during the drying process when coffee beans are removed from the fruit, amounting to nearly 7,500 tons of waste per year in Italy alone. Spent grain is the main byproduct of the brewing industry, producing 188,000 tons of waste in Italy yearly.

HighSociety collaborates with Italian roasters and brewing companies to collect post-industrial waste from their factories and transform it into these magnificent pieces of sculptural lighting.Each piece is fully biodegradable and compostable. The manufacturing process itself explores the intersection of handcrafting and industrial techniques, the latter powered by renewable energies.

HighSociety Studio is an Italian design practice with a focus on material innovation and sustainability. Exploring the intersection of technology and craftsmanship, the Studio aims to evaluate waste as a primary resource. HighSociety Studio is passionate about investigating the relationship between humans and their environment, placing human well-being at its center.

‘High’ stands for higher awareness and a conscious approach to our interior environments. ‘Society’ stands for an ever-growing community of like-minded people willing to change their lifestyle for the better.

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