Highlight Hemp Triangle Pendant Light

Tradition meets material innovation to create an elegant and environmentally friendly pendant lamp. Highlight Hemp is made out of hemp leftovers that are compression molded and then given a natural wax finishing. Its smooth surface uncovers the natural pattern of the material structure. It provides a warm and directed light that suits any room at home or in commercial spaces.

 The material is compression molded under high pressure, giving it stability and rigidness. The lamp shade and the other electrical components are assembled by hand. The lamp shade is a mixture of industrial hemp leftovers and a biodegradable binder.  A carnauba wax coating protects the surface from moisture.


Small- 7.87″ diameter x 6.69″ high

Medium- 13.78″ diameter x 6.69″ high

Lead Time: 2 weeks



Industrial hemp is the oldest cultivated crop on Earth. It has a huge variety of applications, including building materials, fuel, textiles, cosmetics, food, and medicines. Hemp is an environmentally responsible material that reduces carbon dioxide while producing fresh oxygen. It was cultivated in South Tyrol until the beginning of the 20th century. HighSociety now grows Carmagnola Hemp at 1350 meters above sea level (per Italian law) using no irrigation or pesticides for the wellness industry. They use the leftovers to create the Highlight Hemp Pendant Lamp, ensuring that all parts of the plant are used for a 100% zero-waste production model.

With the purchase of each Highlight Hemp Pendant, you directly support projects against drug dependency in collaboration with The Institute for Addiction Prevention in Bolzano, Italy.

HighSociety Studio is an Italian design practice with a focus on material innovation and sustainability. Exploring the intersection of technology and craftsmanship, the Studio aims to evaluate waste as a primary resource. HighSociety Studio is passionate about investigating the relationship between humans and their environment, placing human well-being at its center.

‘High’ stands for higher awareness and a conscious approach to our interior environments. ‘Society’ stands for an ever-growing community of like-minded people willing to change their lifestyle for the better.

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