Tantay Rug

The Tantay Rug incorporates the imperfection of an ancient sheep’s wool loom weaving technique practiced in the central-western zone of the province of Santiago del Estero, Argentina. This technique is intentionally empathetic to the weavers, allowing their emotions, effort, human error to be present in and a feature of the final product. Their presence in each woven thread makes each Tantay Rug imperfect by nature, thereby making it human.

Tantay is made with pure sheep wool that guarantees a unique piece for your home and treasured stories to tell.

Lead Time- 10 to 12 weeks, ships from Argentina

Density– 3lbs (1.40 kilos) of wool per m2, Custom Sizes Available-Contact Us 



Tantay is part of the Pantay Collection, designed by Cristian Mohaded, an Industrial Designer from Recreo, Catamarca, Argentina. He graduated from the National University of Córdoba (FAUDI) and currently lives part-time in both Buenos Aires and Milan.

In Quechua, an indigenous language spoken in Northern Argentina, Pantay means mistake or error. This collection seeks to reclaim the idea that to err is human and to affirm that imperfection is justified perfection- it is tangible, natural and stands on its own. Perfection on the other hand is justified by control, maintains an artificial order, and is not natural, rendering it, in a way, useless. 

Care Instructions:

– At home, you can vacuum your rug but use a vacuum without the brush attachment as this produces pilling and can damage the fibers.
– Vacuum the rug one to two times a week, especially in high traffic areas
– Treat stains with a mixture of vinegar and warm water as soon as possible. Lightly foam the mixture on a sponge and press gently in circles to prevent the stain from getting deeper into the textile. Pat dry with a clean white towel.
– For deep cleaning, we recommend dry cleaning your rug, it is best to avoid introducing chemical or liquid cleaners to the fibers if possible.
– We also offer personalized cleaning consultations if necessary, please contact hello@cachausa.com to arrange a video call. 

Mantara, founded by Carolina Pavetto, is a project that centers on the pillars of fair trade and circular design. With each and every thread, Mantara’s pieces give new value to the ancestral techniques practiced by the artisans of Santiago del Estero, Argentina. The studio believes in the creative force of design, in both the fabric they build together with local artisans and the designs that they develop and share throughout the world.

Mantara is dedicated to material honesty and maintaining the integrity of the natural fabrics. Their raw material is harvested with deep respect for the environment and they do not use dyes or subject their wool to any chemical processes.

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