Purmamarca Geometric Peaks Area Rug

Part of the 7 Colors Collection (2022), Purmamarca features a a repeated triangle design, mimicking mountain peaks, centered on a natural beige background.  The rug is entirely handmade, incorporating an ancient sheep’s wool loom weaving technique practiced by fair trade artisans from the province of Santiago del Estero, Argentina. The 100% natural sheep’s wool is never chemically treated and all dyes are made from local plants. 

Lead Time- 10 to 12 weeks, ships from Argentina

Density– 3lbs (1.40 kilos) of wool per m2

Custom sizes and additional colors available-Contact sales@cachausa.com



Inspired by the topography of the hill of the same name in Purmamarca, Argentina, the 7 Colors Collection is a multicolor celebration of one of nature’s most stunning paintings, a result of thousands of years of sediment build up.

Mantara’s take on this iconic landscape is a modern interpretation of nature’s timeless shapes and colors. Using only natural, plant-based dyes, sourced from plants native to northern Argentina, and 100% untreated wool from sheep that were raised with respect, this collection features several unique designs that will transport you to this magical hill.

The geometric designs featured in this collection come from the heart of Jujuy, Argentina’s northernmost province. The path of colors and shapes is not random, the lines are meant to dialogue with the geography of the place. The natural palette is achieved with dyes made from local plants, including walnut shell, cochineal, paw root. White is the natural color of Mantara’s sheep, whom they raise and care for with all the love in the world.

The environment is part of the Mantara’s DNA, because nature illuminates the path to follow.

Mantara, founded by Carolina Pavetto, is a project that centers on the pillars of fair trade and circular design. With each and every thread, Mantara’s pieces give new value to the ancestral techniques practiced by the artisans of Santiago del Estero, Argentina. The studio believes in the creative force of design, in both the fabric they build together with local artisans and the designs that they develop and share throughout the world.

Mantara is dedicated to material honesty and maintaining the integrity of the natural fabrics. Their raw material is harvested with deep respect for the environment and they do not use dyes or subject their wool to any chemical processes.

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