Lovelock Floating Cube Shelves

Lovelock Floating Cube Shelves were created out of a love for design, they are elegant, simple and functional. Boredom is the enemy of love, and you won’t experience monotony with Lovelock. The set can be hung on the wall, stacked on the floor, or enlarged with additional modules. Visually light, these shelves are extremely durable and spacious and offer an anti-corrosion coating.

Set of 3 shelves.


Shelf 1: Width 15.74 inches (40 cm), Height: 8.66 inches (22 cm), Depth: 9.84 inches (25 cm)

Shelf 2: Width 13.77 inches (35 cm), Height: 10.23 inches (26 cm), Depth: 9.84 inches (25 cm)

Shelf 3: Width 11.811 inches (30 cm), Height: 11.811 inches (30 cm), Depth: 9.84 inches (25 cm)

Materials: Carbon steel- welded & powder coated.

Lead time: 4 – 6 weeks, ships from Poland.



HULE’s driving force is a passion for the responsible creation of functional, durable and beautiful things. Based in Poland, HULE treats their products as a whole. The relationships between the design process, the selection of materials and the eventual implementation of the product are given equal importance to the relationships between designers, craftsmen, end-users and the environment.

At HULE, the design team makes every effort not only to intrigue, but also to give a sense of security and comfort and facilitate daily functioning, allowing you to fully enjoy life. HULE seeks to create with joy and believes that good, thoughtful design is ergonomic, high quality, and environmentally minded. In today’s economy of disposable products, HULE’s mission is to create products that will resist the passage of time. Their furniture and lamps are designed and made to serve for many years, even if used intensively. 


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