Crush Biophilic Ceramic Vase

Crush Biophilic Ceramic Vase is an exploration of the phenomenon of aging and regeneration seen in parasol trees as they naturally shed their bark. The unique mottled appearance of the Crush Ceramic Vase is a visual testament to the vitality of these trees.

The unique, easy-to-peel surface texture of Crush invites the user to interact with the object. The passage of time will result in an effect that mirrors the natural metabolism of the tree shedding its bark. This imitation of nature’s metabolism seems to accelerate the “aging” of the vase, but this intended effect in fact gives additional “life attributes” through the “aging” visible to the naked eye.

Dimensions: 17 inches H, 7 inches W.


Ceramics glazes have infinite possibilities and are very experimental. In the CRUSH series, Studio Kae recreates textures that occur in nature through the collision between two materials. Kae combines two different types of glazes, which collide with each other at the high temperature of 1300 ℃ and produce a repulsion reaction, resulting in a bubble-like texture that is easy to peel off. Due to the uncontrollable nature of glaze collisions, each product has its own uniqueness and character, just like the trees.

Studio KAE is an emerging design and material research studio based in Shanghai. Their design practice is carried with emotions, blending the exploration of handcrafts with experimental production processes, taking everyday materials and reinterpreting them with a contemporary flair.

ZHEKAI ZHANG is the studio’s principal designer, dedicated to bringing new insights into home products with innovative production and sustainable materials.  His design philosophy is to develop unique design languages from the perspective of the relationship between fundamental industrial production and craftsmanship.

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