Coffire Pendant Light

Coffire Pendant Lamp uses recycled coffee grounds as sustainable pigment to form random patterns and textures on the surface of the lamp. In making Coffire, Studio Kae replaces the traditional sand pit with a gas kiln for two reasons. First, it can achieve mass production, solving the problem of high waste rate with traditional pit firing. Second, the translucency of porcelain allows special texture effects on the lamp’s smooth surface.

Due to the innovative coloring technology, Coffire lamp has a pink, marble-like surface texture, which is a wonderful effect that no other glaze can achieve. The texture and color produced through this firing technology are different, making each lamp unique. Several additional shapes are available, please contact us for custom or bulk orders.

Bell Pendant Dimensions: Height: 7.87 inches, Diameter: 7.48 inches

Disc Pendant Dimensions: Height: 5.9 inches, Diameter: 13.77 inches



The Coffire Project is looking for cafes, coffee shops and roasters to partner with. In a new collaborative offering, the raw material of coffee grounds needed for the product stain are collected and supplied by the cafe. Studio Kae then produces a collection of lamps with those grounds that can be installed permanently in the cafe or introduced and sold directly to the cafe’s customers as a brand collaboration. Based on this sales model, the cafe can maximize customer awareness of the sustainability of coffee and the original design intention of the product, thereby increasing the added value of upcycling coffee waste. If you are interested in this type of collaboration, please contact for more details.

Studio KAE is an emerging design and material research studio based in Shanghai. Their design practice is carried with emotions, blending the exploration of handcrafts with experimental production processes, taking everyday materials and reinterpreting them with a contemporary flair.

ZHEKAI ZHANG is the studio’s principal designer, dedicated to bringing new insights into home products with innovative production and sustainable materials.  His design philosophy is to develop unique design languages from the perspective of the relationship between fundamental industrial production and craftsmanship.

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