Chaos Multicolor Square Area Rug

The very best parties leave a mess and confetti on the floor. And like the great memories we get from such celebrations, the Chaos rug will bring joy and happiness into your daily life. Chaos is made from the rug industry’s leftover yarn. The base of this linen rug is hand-tufted with one-color yarns, then the weaver selects the rest of the details from the leftovers. Every single rug is uniquely colored and made from 100% hypoallergenic linen.

Dimensions: Large- 6.5 feet L x 6.5 feet W x 0.98 inches H, 72.75 lbs;                     

Extra Large- 8.2 feet L x 8.2 feet W x 0.98 inches H, 83.77 lbs.

Materials: Pure Linen

Lead Time: 20 days. Ships from Lithuania.



EMKO Place is a furniture design and home-accessory company based in Lithuania. The studio has its roots in the ancient Baltic tradition of craftsmanship, specifically at the intersection of three distinct cultural spaces: Northern Scandinavian, Western European and Eastern Russian. EMKO collaborates with talented designers from all over the globe to curate a small collection of award-winning pieces, creating a niche for the curious solutions to be embodied.

Celebrating a culture of collaboration and sustainable manufacturing, EMKO seeks to empower furniture and interior accessories to embrace and inspire positivity and create a sense of belonging. Their pieces emanate a simple beauty that generates optimism and well-being in the home or workspace. The quality of the craft and of the materials insures a long-term relationship, a constant satisfaction that you’ll enjoy for years to come.


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