Beacon Glass Disc Pendant Lamp

The Beacon Glass Disc Pendant Lamp is the first lighting object from LOREKFORM in the Iron + Glass series. Twin iron-cast lenses bounce both direct and indirect light between them, creating a stunning shimmering effect when passed by. A variety of four different textures, paired with adjustable stainless steel hardware that hovers above and below, allow each Beacon installation to be as unique as the next. Whether clustered to form a curtain or stretched full length from bottom to top, the very two-dimensional nature of Beacon allows the designer to fully exploit the scale of any room.

Dimensions: Lens diameters- 9 & 11 inches (22.86 & 27.94 cm), Height- adjustable, Weight- 4 lbs (1.8 kg).

Materials: Stainless steel, wire rope, iron cast glass. Beacon Pendant Spec Sheet

Electrical: 40W Incandescent, plug-in (not hardwired), UL listing available upon request.

Lead time: 10-12 weeks, ships from USA. We often have items in stock, please inquire.

Note: Limit of 3 pieces per order. For larger installations of 4+ pieces, please contact for custom install options.



Artist’s Note- I spent several years working on two separate yet related questions. One: how do I create a texturized glass that reflects the playfulness of light in nature? Two: how do I hold that glass is the least distracting way possible? Our toolmaking process starts with a slab of clay freshly impressed with a texture chosen for its repeating pattern. As we transform the clay into iron each material in the mold-making process is pushed to its limits, creating bubbles and cracks that weave themselves around the original impression. Just like the wind creates a dance across a bough full of leaves so too do these aberrations across the surface of the iron. Casting directly onto this surface produces a beautifully imperfect piece of glass that both collects and refracts the light.

The lens is so scientifically and aesthetically enduring that sometimes I wonder if it’s a brutalist manifestation of light itself. When we layer the two lenses together we create a symbiotic relationship: the rear lens projects its pattern on the front, and the front pixelates the details of the rear. Lack of hardware at the glass should not be confused with a distaste for it. Silver strands of wire, anchored above and below by stainless steel rings, catch the remaining light and thus allow The Beacon to be uniquely styled in every way. -Erin Lorek, 2021

LOREKFORM is a new studio led by Erin Lorek that explores the expressive nature of light through materiality and form.  Working with a small team of artists and makers from across the country, the Brooklyn-based studio creates simple objects from honest materials that are uniquely beautiful at all times of day.

From the beginning, LOREKFORM has focused on sustainability and life cycles. The studio’s entire process uses only five materials, all of which are re-used, recyclable or both. The textures used in the clay impressions come from existing materials, already a part of our environment. The tools and molds created by the studio can be used time and time again. Once a tool needs to be retired, it is sent to the iron furnace and re-cast into something new. Erin hopes to create a library of these tools to allow for each one’s unique story to be shared and brought to life in different installations all around the world.

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