The story of a TON chair begins months before you are seated in it. Before creating each product, TON dreams of beauty. Their craft, wood bending, is all about strength. The resulting product is both beautiful and strong; it is timeless. Each TON product is the work of at least 20 pairs of hands. They are the hands of a team of craftsmen and craftswomen who have been endowing steamed wood with new shapes and forms for six generations. Once bentwood dries, more skilled hands set to work on sanding, staining, assembling, oiling, upholstering and packing.

TON believes in natural materials. They want future generations to live in an environment that is at least as rich and diverse as the environment we know today. For this reason, they use wood from certified and – as much as possible – local sources, which contributes to sustainable forest management and a decreased carbon footprint. TON is committed to conducting themselves in an honest and friendly manner for the benefit of people and nature alike.

Currently TON is available only to our Trade clients. Contact to request a catalog.


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