Partnering with Piaval to Save the Seas

For Piaval, the Italian design studio that has been producing wooden chairs and tables for the Contract and Health&Care sector for over 100 years, design that respects the environment is a real commitment that has always been central to their business practices. The company’s constant attention to sustainability and the reduction of environmental impact made them a natural partner for Cacha. Their dedication to using clean energy sources and eco-sustainable production processes makes them one of our top sustainable luxury brands.

Piaval’s latest sustainability initiative has led to the introduction of a brand-new, high-tech fabric called Oceanic to their product line. Made by Camira Fabrics, Oceanic is made from 100% post-consumer recycled polyester. The yarn used to create this fabric is made by the SEAQUAL Initiative, which works to combat marine plastic pollution and achieve a waste free environment. SEAQUAL® Yarn is made from plastic sourced from ocean clean up missions. Each meter of Oceanic includes the equivalent of 26 plastic bottles picked up from the sea.

Together for a Clean Ocean

SEAQUAL® Yarn is almost identical in physical properties to virgin polyester. As a result, Oceanic is a contemporary, highly durable textile, available in a versatile color palette that echoes the shades visible on nature’s shorelines. Tough enough for life on the seas, the fabric is suitable for the contract market, especially workplace and education, with a heavy-duty 10 year guarantee.

The twill weave texture, subtly dyed using cationic yarns, reveals contrasting tones of light warp and deep weft. The diagonal yarn weave indicates movement, just like the innovation of this fabric, which is one little drop in the ocean, determined on its journey to fight against marine plastic pollution.

Piaval’s decision to work with SEAQUAL and Camira on this important initiative to help keep the seas and oceans clean reiterates their commitment to circular design that respects the Earth at every stage of its production process. Cacha is excited to support Piaval as it works to create collections that synthesize the harmony of nature and the power of innovation.

Shop some of our favorites from Piaval here:

More about SEAQUAL

SEAQUAL INITIATIVE is dedicated to giving a second life to all types of marine plastic. Although plastics can survive in the ocean for hundreds of years, UV rays, salt water and friction mean they can degrade quickly. This makes marine plastics harder to recycle. However, SEAQUAL is not deterred and remains committed to recycling the material found, using innovative technology to turn this waste into a primary material that adds value in all of its future applications.

By supporting SEAQUAL, you are helping to clean our oceans, support local communities and move society towards a circular economy.

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