Cacha Catch-Up July 2022

This month we’ve been busy adding new product lines from some of our favorite brands, including Nomon Home, EMKO Place, and Nuen. You might remember that we introduced Nomon Home just last month, debuting their elegant collection of home accessories and decor. We are excited to have added some of their stunning, modern clocks to the store this month. The clocks pair perfectly with many of Nomon’s furniture pieces and also make great stand-alone statement pieces. 

EMKO Place has released several exciting new pieces this month that are sustainably made from organic materials. You’ll see the Lithuaninan design studios’s distinctive mix of Nordic and Western European furniture traditions shine through, bringing warmth and coziness to clean and simple-looking pieces that are reminiscent of Scandinavian design. Lithuanian culture stands out for its close relationship to nature, creating a natural affinity for sustainability which you’ll also experience with this new collection.

Additionally, we have some exciting news from Nuen about a new project they introduced at both the Salone del Mobile in Milan and in New York as part of an exhibit at the Norwegian Embassy. Named Minus, the project is a three year transformation from linear to regenerative furniture. Keep reading to learn more! 

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Modular Sofas

First popular in the 1960s, modular sofas have made a big comeback recently. They are easily rearranged, making them multi-functional, convenient, and comfortable. 

EMKO Place released two modular sofas this Spring, Bean and Saler. Bean’s large, overstuffed look and luxurious velour fabric make it a great stand alone piece. Saler offers a more streamlined silhouette which can be softened with throw pillows and blankets. 

BeCACHA Community News

Nuen wants to change the furniture industry for real – The Minus Way. Minus seeks to rework the whole system, from tree planting to furniture recycling, and create a true closed loop. The project recognizes that our industry fall short. Together, we must improve our methods and design chairs from a value chain perspective. 

To create Minus with a compact value chain in Western Norway, where Nuen is based, they begin with a local, sustainably sourced raw material, either pine or birch. To manufacture, Nuen relies on river hydropower without artificial dams. Once the chair is produced, it will be used and reused for a few life cycles and then all of its parts will be up-cycled to form a new product. The goal is a value chain that stores more carbon than it emits, adds more renewable energy than it uses, and is 100% transparent. 

Minus is currently in a pilot stage and until Nuen has completed the full value chain, the chair will not be available for purchase. Once it is near completion, Minus will be available on a subscription model, ensuring that it stays in the loop. 

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