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EMKO is a place where simple, smart design is met by both its seekers and its creators. The furniture design and home accessory company was established in 2013 and is based in Vilnius, Lithuania. EMKO’s main focus is on a small range of award-winning furniture pieces that offer functional, highly versatile solutions that also inspire playfulness and creativity. In fact, EMKO’s story began with one product in particular that brought this vision to life.

Shortly after EMKO’s founder, Erika Markovska-Mikulskienė, decided to embark on a journey to resurface the value of Lithuanian design, she met a young designer, Inesa Malafej. Inesa presented her university graduation project, the My Writing Desk, to Erika and together they got to work developing and producing the piece. Fast forward a few years and the MWD became a bestseller and one of EMKO’s signature pieces. 

My Writing Desk + Naive Chair
Multifunctional Pill Cabinet

From their first showcase at the IMM Cologne Fair in 2013 and winning the Red Dot Design Award in 2014 for My Writing Desk to launching their e-commerce shop in 2018 and opening a new multifunctional office-showroom in 2020, EMKO has established itself as a trusted partner in creating smart, comfortable designs for homes and workplaces. Today, EMKO sells its products in 29 countries and is often sought out by interior designers looking for sustainable luxury furniture.

Like MWD, all of EMKO’s catalog communicates a simple beauty that generates optimism and well-being in the places we live and work. The company was founded with an inherent collaborative, communal spirit which is also felt in each of its designs. EMKO furniture invites a sense of belonging, light-heartedness and positivity. All of their items are designed to encourage the end-user to play and arrange them in a way that is authentic to their space and lifestyle.

Sustainability. Belonging. Positivity.

EMKO is proud to represent Lithuanian furniture manufacturing, which is known for its highly skilled workforce, modern manufacturing facilities, and forward-thinking design solutions. More than one-third of the country is covered in forests. As such, wood has always played an important role in Lithuania’s economy. Historically, Lithuania has been a key supplier for many foreign furniture companies. However, an increasing number of domestic furniture designers, like EMKO, are choosing to utilize this abundant resource in their collections, reducing their carbon-footprint and supporting local, ethical production. Lithuanian designers continue to make their mark with a distinctive mix of Nordic and Western European furniture traditions, bringing warmth and coziness to clean and simple-looking pieces that are reminiscent of Scandinavian design.

Lithuanian culture also stands out for its close relationship with nature, which creates a natural affinity for sustainability. Made of sustainable, organic materials with high production standards, EMKO achieves products that are very durable and long-lasting. EMKO hopes their dedication to quality will ensure a long-lasting relationship between the customer and the piece of furniture they acquire. EMKO is committed to bringing into the world simple, intelligent and fun objects that are reliable, sociable, natural, that inspire you in your work and play.

Like Cacha, EMKO is in the long-term furniture business. We hope that your EMKO pieces become companions to your life’s story. 

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