Hule is Here: Designing for Relationships, Emotions & Consciousness

Based out of Poland, Hule creates furniture and lighting that is sure to boost the energy in any room with a much needed dose of positivity. In every aspect of Hule’s design and production process, they look at the broader context, carefully considering each piece’s existence from start to finish. A deeply thoughtful brand, Hule bases all of its work on three main concepts: relationships, emotions and consciousness.

Hule begins by looking at each product as a whole, taking into account the relationship between the design process, the selection of materials and the final implementation of the product. In the same vein, Hule emphasizes the relationships between designers, craftsmen, end-users and the environment. Hule’s pieces are intended to exist in relation to the space they occupy and give it character. 

Inspiring shapes and colors, lighting that intrigues– Hule brings you a fascinating interior that invokes positive emotions. Their hope is that living with their products will facilitate your daily activities and allow you to fully enjoy life. The color selection and designs have been created with the purpose of improving your mood and relationships. Hule envisions the relationships that their customers can cultivate while spending time with others around their products. Rather than their products telling a story, Hule creates products for your stories to be shared around.

"The interiors in which we live shape our emotions."

An environmentally conscious company, Hule uses only natural materials: wood, plywood, and metal. None of Hule’s products use any type of veneer. While their materials may be simple, there is still a sense of security and comfort in each piece. Hule’s designs are intended to resist the passage of time, even when being used intensively. After a Hule product has had a long,  useful life with you, Hule provides several options to prevent it from becoming a burden to the environment. In the case that something needs to be fixed, Hule offers in house repair services or will work with a local craftsman to get your piece back into working condition. If you are moving on and want to sell your old Hule pieces, Hule hosts an online marketplace for the sale of their used pieces to other customers. Hule will also take back used pieces to be fully deconstructed and recycled into something new.

At Cacha, we share Hule’s mission to provide people with sustainable, durable, and functional furniture that does not sacrifice the emotional, expressive aspects of design. Like Hule, we believe that your environment has great power over your mood and designing one that brightens your spirits is certainly a worthy investment. Most importantly, Cacha proudly supports Hule’s dedication to perfecting a closed-loop circular production cycle as we work together in modernizing the furniture industry towards a zero waste future.

Shop the complete MOD Collection from Hule here:

The MOD collection, consisting of modern tables, shelves & lamps, is inspired by fashion and postmodern diversity. An important idea of the project is the possibility of any combination of elements in the collection – modules. MOD works perfectly in conjunction with various styles, enriching and refreshing them.

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