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When something is presented as zero waste, our mind often immediately goes to thinking “how is that possible?” This is especially true in the design world where serious consideration has to be given to shape, form, texture, color, and so many other details. HighSociety, a design studio based in Italy, focuses on this exact intersection, using material innovation to turn trash into treasure. 

The Studio aims to evaluate waste as a primary resource and is passionate about investigating the relationship between humans and their environment, placing human well-being at the center of it’s designs.


With their unique manufacturing process, High Society turns classic shapes into unique pieces as post industrial waste takes on new forms in a compression mold. The Highlight line is available in three colors and two sizes, perfect to hang over your dinner table, kitchen island, or home bar.

Zero Waste needs businesses to play a key role.

Above, leftovers from the hemp industry are transformed in a Cymbal-shaped mold, compressed so as to be smooth to the touch while retaining the distinct and individual pattering of the material.

Below, from a by-product of wine production called pomace, the Studio achieves a deep burgundy color, shown here in the Highlight Wine lamp. The Highlight Tobacco lamp, right, is derived from tobacco industry waste. It’s rich camel hue has no additives, making it completely safe for your home.


Offering a relaxed look and breaking the classic standard that the Highlight collection maintains, High Society presents its latest collection, Senilia. Once again using waste as a primary material, Senelia’s unique colors and textures are achieved with discarded coffee bean peels and leftover hops and barley from breweries.

Senilia Coffe Silverskin
Senilia Spent Grain

Are you excited about the possibilities of repurposing waste into a primary resource?

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